It may sound unoriginal and a bit cliché, but my first love has always been music. In 2004 my band Counterpush released our EP De Anima (itunes) which features 6 songs which I wrote or co-wrote. Although I haven't performed in recent years, I still have plans to play open mic events in smaller, intimate settings in the near future.

Snow Sports Enthusiast

A few years ago, the company that I worked for had a company "ski day." I had my reservations about participating, but I eventually ended up taking an introductory snowboarding class and I've been a season pass holder ever since. The mountain has become a bit of my personal escape and although I won't shy away from joining others, I often choose to make the trek solo. #NoFriendsOnPowderDays


One would assume that a person with over 14 years of web design experience would have a degree in Computer Science or a BFA. In fact, I actually have a Masters degree in Philosophy with a concentration in Continental Philosophy. My original intention was to pursue a Ph.D., write, and teach at the university level. But the music bug was always tugging at my sleeve, so I decided to stay in Southern California to be near the music business and would eventually wind up working as a web designer for the House of Blues.