Santa Monica, CA

My first foray into the world of coding for the web was in the Water Gardens in Santa Monica for Hollywood.com as Site Integrator. While the content was fun to work with, my time at Hollywood.com was short-lived, as the company decided to move the office to Florida just months after my arrival. But I refuse to believe it was my fault.

2000 - 2006

House of Blues Entertainment, Inc.

Hollywood, CA

Perhaps my fondest memories in the workplace were during my tenure as a Web Designer for House of Blues. Aside from being immersed in the music industry and having access to live concerts (Sunset Strip, Anaheim, Las Vegas), I also managed to do some good work with a bright team who taught me the importance of usability, using a style guide, and knowing who the hell Jakob Nielsen is.

2006 - present

Dala Design

With the propsect of Live Nation taking over House of Blues I decided to strike out on my own. And strike out I did! Admittedly, going into business for oneself is a learning process, regardless of how much corporate experience you have. One thing I learned is that I much prefer doing the work and not so much managing the business side of things.

However, I did manage to work on some exciting projects with such clients as RPA (Honda Civic Tour email campaign), Wasserman Media Group (Avengers indoor football) and AEG (Hannah Montana tour).

2009 - 2010

Capita Technologies

Irvine, CA

In 2009 I decided to work with Orange County staffing company The Creative Group to explore different companies and see if I would jell with any teams. Capita Technologies was one such team, and the work they did was simply delicious. Literally. Having Mars as a client meant that if one were to open a Snickers or Twix candy bar and find a code for an instant win promotion, chances are the website where you entered your codes was built by Capita.

2010 - present

HyperDisk Marketing

Irvine, CA

Small company with big clients. Hyperdisk Marketing specializes in the hospitality industry, with clients such as Starwood Hotels Hawaii, Salamander Resorts, and The Irvine Company. The strength of this company is its ability to remain consistent while continuing to stay on top of current trends in design and marketing strategies.